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Melody Castellari
Alessandro Tossani
Antonio Arcari
Enzo Penz Pileci

Melody Castellari

Vocals on CD

Alessandro Tossani

Guitars and Effects

Antonio Arcari

Bass/Fretless Bass

Enzo Pileci


Special Guest

Giancarlo Tossani

Keyboards and Piano

Soft Rails were born in 2018 from a chance meeting between Enzo (drummer) and Alessandro (guitarist), old friends who had always shared their passion for music. They were later joined by the common friend Antonio (bassist) and by time various female vocalists until Melody complete the line-up of the group for the first CD.
Our musical influences are very diverse, ranging from classic rock to new wave, from dark to progressive rock, through classical and jazz. This wide range of inspirations has led us to create a musical genre that ranges in all directions, making it difficult to place in a single and precise style.
The creative process behind the birth of our songs is very important and thrilling for us. We start from improvisations which are then transformed into accomplished pieces. This approach leads us to create unique and original songs that always perfectly reflect our musical spirit.
In February 2023 Soft Rails completed the recordings of the ten songs of the first CD, self-produced and soon available to the public. This album is a turning point for Soft Rails band and we hope will be enjoined by listeners due to its energy and originality.
We invite you not to miss the opportunity to listen to us and immerse yourself in what we believe could be exciting and engaging musical experience. 

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